Connected Television technology is changing the landscape of entertainment, business and culture; this is not news. The growth of streaming media, and the advent of OTT/Connected TV devices has resulted in the fastestgrowing segmentof the entertainment industry and the fastest growing new technology since the Internet.

connectedtelevision technology is emerging as the newforce in both digital entertainment and media enterprise.

Therefore, the question is not whether new opportunities exist today, but rather: how does one recognize them? What do they look like? Where can they be found?

Building brands in this new connected world requires a particular combination of previousl irreconcilable talents. At Advergent, we believe that our uniquely creative set of technology, advertising and marketing skills afford us the ability to solveproblems in this changing connected world better than many companies 10 or 100 times our size.

By understanding each client and what they hope to achieve in this new “connected”market, Advergent offers innovative and surprising perspectives on brand content and development as well as tech-savvy perspectives on growing viewership and mindshare.