About Advergent

Advergent, is the private investment company of entrepreneur Phil Autelitano, a connected television pioneer and founder of Mediarazzi and AdNexxt. The firm makes highly-selective investments in joint ventures and strategic partnerships with emerging companies in four primary business segments: Consumer Products, Entertainment, Media and Entertainment Technology.

Advergent funds its investments with internal capital, not through a fund. Free from the restrictions of a fund, and with no requirements to satisfy “outside” partners, we are able to move quickly and decisively when investing.

The Advergent Approach

Advergent invests in emerging products and companies based on their potential for long-term growth and market leadership. Each target must have the potential to scale quickly and become an industry leader in 3 to 5 years.

Our investment philosophy is driven by industry experience, knowledge and analysis as well as active research into the economic, social and political trends affecting the key business segments we serve. This allows us to identify emerging business opportunities that have the most potential for superior long-term financial performance.

Advergent Succeeds by:

  • Identifying undervalued, emerging companies and opportunities
  • Providing capital and resources to fulfill growth initiatives
  • Managing with world-class leadership
  • Developing product and brand identities
  • Establishing successful competitive advantage

As a firm, we pride ourselves in making quick decisions regarding investment, joint venture and partnership proposals. We are decisive when evaluating investments, and when we choose to make an investment, we are typically able to proceed with minimal financing contingencies. We have demonstrated flexibility in the past, and are able to close transactions in time periods as short as 1 week.